Yuri Koigakubo
Japanese Name 恋ヶ窪ゆり
Romaji Translation Koigakubo Yuri
Debut (Anime) Toradora! Episode 01
Appears in Light Novel, Anime, Manga
Voice Actor (Japanese) Tanaka Rie
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 30
Eyes Color Red
Hair Color Red
Status Active

Yuri Koigakubo is the twenty-nine-year-old homeroom teacher of Ryūji's class, though she turns thirty in the fifth volume of the light novels. In episode 11 of the anime, she describes herself as being in her early 30s.


She has a red hair and red eyes. She is seen to have different kind of attire.


She likes to do things at her own pace and is timid towards Taiga's way of speaking out. Since her twenties are almost over, Yuri is in a hurry to get married soon and she even tries to dress well so as to be able to get into a relationship quicker. After she becomes thirty without getting married, she develops a twisted and depressed personality, which does not help that when Taiga talks about her, she emphases her single status. She has an interest in real estate.